What format are the free images?
The free images are zipped JPEG images at 72 dpi.

What format are the purchased images?
The purchased images are all provided as zipped TIF files. Black and white images are 600 dpi. Color images are 300 dpi.

Do you add images on a regular basis?
Yes. We add images as we find them and as time permits.

Do you offer refunds?
No. Once your purchase is made, we cannot offer a refund. The reason for this policy is because once an item is downloaded, it cannot be returned. Of course, if you have a problem downloading an image, contact us, and we will do everything we can to remedy the situation.

Can I put the images on items to sell?
Yes. You can create greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs, stationery, business cards, logos . . . almost anything you want for personal use or to sell. Please read our Terms of Use for more details. 

Are there any restrictions on my use of the images?
Yes. While Design Image Source offers great freedoms for a wide range of uses, we do not allow the redistribution of our images, or allow the use of our images within products that are mass distributed in any type of archive format, such as CDs, collage sheets, rubber stamps, or on other websites whose sole purpose is to sell or give away clipart, drawings, illustrations, or images. Please see additional information at our Terms of Use page.

Where do you get your images?
The images are from old books, postcards, and magazines. You can see a list of the books that were used on our Sources page. 

Is it okay to color black and white images?
Yes. All the black and white images are in grayscale mode. You will have to change them to RGB mode before you can add color to them. 

Can I use an image to illustrate my blog or website?
Of course you can. A link back to http://designimagesource.com is always appreciated!

Can I use the images to illustrate an e-book or newsletter?
I hope you will! A link back to http://designimagesource.com is always appreciated!

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us.